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Integrated Services

Over the years we have developed domain expertise in diverse technologies and offer our customers an integrated set of services: from pixel to print, from paper to film and from design to .NET.

We provide optimized solutions for various business needs.


Web Media Services


Internet and Intranet development
Website hosting & administration
Web development & maintenance
Database design & development
Custom-built enterprise-wide applications
Enterprise portals & E-commerce applications
Online catalogues & web directories
User-interface & Flash animations
Weblogs & RSS Feeds
Search Engine Optimization


Multimedia Services


Corporate audio-visuals & films
Documentaries & short films
Linear & interactive presentations
2D & 3D animations
Public Service Announcements
Computer based training modules
Video editing and sound mixing
Walk-throughs & slide-shows
Music scores & jingles


Print Media Services


Strategic branding & brand development
Media & Event planning
Visualizing, designing & illustrating
Content creation & development
Editing & copywriting
Scriptwriting & Multi-lingual translation
Custom printing & publishing
Packaging & product design
Prepress & post-press production